Motor Trade Online Insurance Quotes

The law requires all motor traders to have insurance for their vehicles. The insurance is meant to protect the traders as well as third parties in case of any eventualities. The extent of cover available for trade insurance varies with the type of policy. You can request for a motor trade insurance online quote from different providers to find a policy that will be suitable for your business.

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Your insurance policy can include:
1: Collection and delivery cover
2: Cover for mechanics
3: Cover for car valeters
4: Cover for full and part-time traders
5: Road risk policies
6: Combined policies to include premises cover

Who qualifies for this Insurance?

Anyone who works with, sells or deals with vehicles on a regular basis should purchase this insurance. The insurance covers the driver and not the vehicle. Therefore, the driver has more flexibility when carrying out test-drives, transporting vehicles on the road, collecting and delivering vehicles, and performing car demonstrations. If you are a motor trader over 25 years, you can get an affordable insurance cover.

What is Covered by this Insurance Policy?

There are a number of motor trade policies on the market. You have to research well to find a cover that will be suitable for your business.

If your business is primarily selling vehicles, you will need adequate insurance that will allow you to carry out test-drives. Apart from this, the insurance should cover you for collecting and delivering vehicles, demonstrating the vehicles, and taking them to the auto shop for repairs. This insurance is usually referred to as road risk insurance.

Some insurance companies can also arrange for cover if you are involved in vehicle repair and servicing, car valeting, and other works associated with motor trade. You should ask about additional or special coverage from the insurance company you wish to purchase a policy from.

Find the Right Insurance for your Trade

To find the right cover for your business, you will need to make a request for online quotes from trusted providers. When requesting for quotes, make sure you indicate the scope of your work. Apart from this, indicate the number of employees you have and their ages. This information will help the insurance companies provide a realistic quote for your business. You should also indicate that you are requesting quotes from multiple providers. This way, the companies will offer you their best quotes.